Diabetes Management

  • Recognized program by the American Diabetes Association
  • Resource for general awareness and diabetes information
  • Comprehensive diabetes self-management classes
  • Certified diabetes educator 
  • Monthly support/education groups
  • Annual diabetes day camp for children

Classes for Diabetes Management


This class is for persons who have abnormal blood glucose but have not been diagnosed with diabetes.   The one hour class provides an overview of diabetes, risk factors for developing diabetes and lifestyle changes that can prevent and slow the development of Type 2 diabetes.  There is a $15 fee for this class and it is held monthly at HealthFinders at Coastal Grand Mall.  For dates and times, please call (843) 692-4444. 

Basic Diabetes Education

This group class is designed for both newly diagnosed diabetics and those needing an update on management.  The training is divided up into several sessions.  Patients learn how to control blood glucose through good nutrition, moderate activity, blood glucose monitoring, and stress management.  Patients are scheduled for a follow-up session to measure individual successes and address any problems that occurred. 

Intensive Diabetes Management

This class is for persons who are unable to attend group sessions or those who need more intensive training in managing their diabetes.  Topics may include carbohydrate counting, exercise and pattern management.  This class is divided into three education sessions and a follow-up session.   

Gestational Diabetes Management 

This class is designed for women who develop diabetes during pregnancy or who have Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes and are pregnant.  This class provides instruction on blood glucose target ranges, blood glucose monitoring, ketone testing and healthy meal planning.  Follow-up visits are planned as needed to evaluate progress and address any concerns. 

Insulin Initiation

Individual training sessions provide the basics of taking insulin and monitoring blood glucose levels.  Patients are educated on basic survival skills.  

For more information, please call (843) 692-1659.