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Scholarly Activity

Posters, Presentations & Publicatons

  1. Neal Cooper, MD; Aaron Pinnola, DO; Mark Borowicz, MD; John Mihran Davis, MD: Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus Infection in an Umbilical Hernia Mesh 11 Years after Implantation. (Submitted)
  2. Neal Cooper, Lola Onayemi, John Davis, Jason D. Sciarretta: Pancreatic Pseudocystinduced Gastric Varices: a rare case of extrahepatic portal hypertension? (Submitted)
  3. Aaron Pinnola, Yen-Hong Kuo, Jason Sciaretta, Alexander McIntyre, Robert Messier, and John Mihran Davis: Bacteriology and Patient Characteristics of Hospital Acquired Pneumonia and Community Acquired Pneumonia Requiring Surgical Management of Empyema. Presented at annual Surgical Infection Society West Palm Beach 2016. (Submitted)
  4. A Pinnola, Sciarretta JD, S Gibson, K Muenoz, Fernandez C, Davis J, Pepe A: The Vicious Cycle of Motorcycle Rally Casualties: A Single Center’s Experience. Presented at the SESC Feb 2016. (Submitted)
  5. Alizo G, Sciarretta JD, Gibson S, Muenoz K, Alashari A, Romano A, Davis J, Pepe A: Fall from Heights: Does Height Really Matter? Presented at the SESC Feb 2016. (Submitted)
  6. Georgina Alizo Arruebarrena, MD; Andrea E. Romano, MD; Jason Sciarretta, MD; Melanie Alesa Hopkins, MD; John Mihran Davis, MD: Cutaneous Mucormycosis in a Trauma Patient with a New Diagnosis of Diabetes Mellitus. Surgical Infections-Case Reports. Published March 2016.
  7. Neal Cooper, MD; Sharon Holmes, RN, BSN; Jason Sciarretta, MD; John Mihran Davis, MD: Early Value of NSQIP: Value of NSQIP in First Year - Before National Data Comparisons become available. Presented at the NC/SC Chapter of the ACS July 2016. (In Process)
  8. Sharon Holmes, RN, BSN; John Mihran Davis, MD: Value of NSQIP after Ninety Days of Participation Grand Strand Medical Center. Completed. Presented at NSQIP Meeting July 2016.
  9. Davis, JM, Sciarretta, JD: Management of Critically Ill General Surgery Patients with Open Abdomen. (In Process)
  10. Sciarretta JD, Francisco Igor B. Macedo, Otero CA, Pisano LR, Namias N.: Secondary Abdominal Compartment Syndrome in Complicated Lower Extremity Vascular Injuries. European Journal of Trauma and Emergency
  11. Surgery. Eur J Trauma Emerg Surg. 2015 Apr
  12. Sciarretta JD, Francisco Igor B. Macedo, Otero CA, Figueroa JN, Pizano LR, Namias N: Management of Traumatic Popliteal Vascular Injuries in a Level I Trauma Center: A 6-year experience. Int J Surg. 2015 Jun; 18:136-41.
  13. 12. Sciarretta JD, Ebler DJ, Ruiz G, Otero CA, Pizano LR, Namias N.: Management of Femoral Vessel Injuries: A 5-year Single Center Experience. Am Surg. 2015 Jan; 81(1):86-91.
  14. Sciarretta JD, Francisco Igor B. Macedo, Steve Chausse, Danny Sleeman, Louis R. Pizano, Namias N.: Vascular Reconstruction is Not Warranted in Most Civilian Traumatic Shank Vascular Injuries. Annals of Vascular Surgery. (Accepted)
  15. Sciarretta JD, Harris T, Gibson S, Wentzel J, Davis J, Pepe A.: Pediatric Four-wheel Type Vehicle Injuries: Outcomes and Injury Patterns. The American Surgeon. (Submitted)
  16. 15. Macedo FI, Sciarretta JD, Salsamendi J, Karmacharya J, Romano A, Namias N.: Repair of an Acute Blunt Popliteal Artery Trauma via Endovascular Approach. Ann Vasc Surg. 2015 Feb; 29(2):366.e5-366.e10.
  17. Wentzel JL, Virella-Lowell I, Schlosser RJ, Soler ZM.: Quantitative Sinonasal Symptom Assessment in an Unselected Pediatric Population with Cystic Fibrosis. Am J Rhinol Allergy. 2015 Sep-Oct; 29(5):357-61.
  18. Parikh SN, Lykissas MG, Roshdy M, Mineo RC, Wall EJ.: Pin Tract Infection of Operatively Treated Supracondylar Fractures in Children: Long-term Functional Outcomes and Anatomical Study. J Child Orthop. 2015 Aug; 9(4):295-302.
  19. Shifrin, A, LiVolsi, V, Shifrin-Douglas, S, Zheng, M, Erler, B, Matulewicz, T, Davis, JM: Primary and Metastatic Parathyroid Malignancies: A Rare or Underdiagnosed Condition? The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism; 100(3): E478-481, 2015.