Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply for your program?

Applications are accepted beginning in September for the following year's class. The deadline for completed applications is December 1. Our program is accepting only electronic applications through ERAS, the Electronic Residency Application Service. The required documents for an application are the same as ERAS (Department of Medicine letter, two letters of recommendation from faculty, the Dean's letter, formal transcripts, USMLE/COMLEX transcripts and a personal statement).

Do you have USMLE minimum score requirements for Step 1 and Step 2?

Yes. Candidates must obtain a minimum combined Step 1 and Step 2 score of at least the median national score. Also, eligible candidates must have passed Step 2 Clinical Skills.

What is the size of the program?

30 (10 PGY1, 10 PGY2 and 10 PGY3)

What is the hospital size and patient demographics?

We are 269-bed acute care hospital with a variety of ages, races, ethnicities and socioeconomic status. Our patient demographics consist of young active families coupled with a robust active retirement community. These two groups offer an excellent learning environment.

What is the conference schedule like?

We have Clinical Case Conferences, Residency Lecture Series, Monthly Grand Rounds, Morbidity and Mortality Conferences, Board Reviews, Journal Club and Ambulatory Conferences.

What if I want to come and visit your hospital; how can I arrange this?

We are currently not set up to have students do a "rotation" with us; however, we can have you come by to "shadow" one of our current attendings. This will allow you to see the hospital and meet some of our attendings. Please email our residency coordinator to set this up in advance. Contact information is listed below.

If I have questions, who can I contact?

Please contact Kristy Zanao, Program Coordinator, at (843) 692-1118.

Kristy Zanao
Graduate Medical Education Program Coordinator

Our patients have access to an experienced team of physicians, nurses, clinicians and rehabilitation specialists.
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