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Are You Savvy About SAVI®?

Shorter, more precise radiation, fewer side effects and a better cosmetic result.

SAVI (strut adjusted volume implant), is an innovative five-day targeted radiation treatment following lumpectomy that treats the breast from within rather than using external radiation.

A catheter is inserted into the breast cavity through a small incision following a lumpectomy. For five days the patient receives radiation twice a day. Each treatment lasts from five to ten minutes. Upon treatment completion, the catheter is removed.

SAVI lets radiation be given in a shorter time frame. The catheters come in several different sizes, allowing for precise customizing of a patient's treatment. The internally delivered radiation also minimizes one of the most common side effects of traditional radiation — skin burn — resulting in a better cosmetic outcome to the breast.

Read more about SAVI® (PDF - 122 KB)