Sample 4+1 Intern Schedule

We offer a "4+1" block schedule. This is a more progressive residency schedule that dedicates resident time to either ambulatory education or inpatient education that are distinctly separate blocks. The goal is to minimizes distraction (inpatient pages and interruptions) when the resident is on their ambulatory block in order to concentrate on ambulatory education and engage in optimal patient care. This schedule is organized into 10, five-week blocks consisting of four weeks of a core residency rotation followed by a one-week ambulatory block.

1 4 1 4 1 4 1 4 1 4

1One Week of Ambulatory Medicine
4 : Four Weeks of Inpatient Rotation or Elective

Sample Partial Schedule

 Team ATeam BTeam CTeam DTeam E
Wk 1 Ambulatory Neurology Geriatrics Ward Ward
Wk 2 Ward Ambulatory Geriatrics Ward Ward
Wk 3 Ward Elective Ambulatory Ward Ward
Wk 4 Ward Elective Cardiology Ambulatory Ward
Wk 5 Ward Elective Cardiology ER Ambulatory
Wk 6 Ambulatory Elective Cardiology ER Elective
Wk 7 ER Ambulatory Cardiology ER Elective
Wk 8 ER ICU Ambulatory ER Elective
Wk 9 ER ICU Elective Ambulatory Elective
Wk 10 ER ICU Vacation Vacation Ambulatory