During the course of the Transitional Year Residency, all residents will be expected to participate in at least one research or scholarly endeavor. All residents complete human subjects training through the CITI program to be provided with the fundamentals for carrying out human subjects research. Projects have ranged from retrospective reviews of clinical data, to survey based research, to medical education projects, to clinical epidemiology studies.

All residents also engage in a quality improvement project during the course of the year as well, identifying a topic that they are passionate about related to the delivery of patient care.

During the course of their year, all Transitional Year Residents are required to submit at least one project for presentation or publication. Prior Transitional Year Resident presentations have included abstracts and oral presentations at the South Carolina meeting of the American College of Physicians, the South Carolina Medical Association annual meeting, the American Academy of Dermatology meeting, and the American Association of medical Colleges Integrating Quality meeting.

Research activities for Transitional Year Residents are overseen by the program director, Dr. Vinod Nambudiri, and other members of the teaching faculty.

Publications 2017

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Presentations 2017

2017 AAMC Integrating Quality Meeting: Achieving the Quadruple Aim - June 2017 Rosemont, IL.

Nambudiri N; Holmes S, Davis J; Sciarretta J; Cooper C; Dennison J. A multi-pronged approach to creating a clinical learning environment focused on patient safety and health care quality for a new GME programs at our community hospital using a CLER survey, dashboard and focus committee.

South Carolina Medical Association -May 2017 Charleston, SC

  1. Cvinar J; Duff R; Balanchivadze N. Dissecting the Diagnosis: DKA With A Killer Headache
  2. Dennison J, Glover, A. Congestive Heart Failure Secondary to Chronic Narcolepsy-Related Amphetamine Use-A rare cause of heart failure.
  3. Lin E, Frost C, Bumbalo T. Vancomycin-Induced Immune Thrombocytopenia and Its Relationship to Life Threatening Intracranial Hemorrhage.
  4. Mercer R, Waring G, RobertsC, Jhanji V, Wang Y, Filho J, Hemings R, Rocha K. Deformation Parameters in Keratoconus and Normal Eyes Using a Non-contact Tonometer with a Dynamic Ultra-high-speed Scheimpflug Camera ** 3rd place
  5. Millar C, Smith T, Alwine I, Balanchivadze N, Nambudiri V. Tetanus: A Story of a Rusty Rictus
  6. Morris, L, Coni, R. Bilateral Hippocampal and Basal Ganglia Infarcts Following Cocaine and Amphetamine Intoxication.
  7. Myers J, Mangano A, Alwine I, Smith, T. Metastatic Sinonasal Adenocarcinoma
  8. Smith M, Coni R. AMS: Altered Mental Status and Abnormal Masked Shingles.

National Resident Matching Program (NRMP) Annual Meeting-May 2017 New Orleans, LA

  1. 1. Nambudiri V and Diez C. “Take Two: Matching the PGY1 Resident without a PGY2 Position.”
  2. Diez C and Nambudiri V. “Rethinking Resident Recruitment: A Novel Regional Recruitment Roadshow.” *First Place Winner

Association for Hospital Medical Education Institute-May 2017 New Orleans, LA

  1. Diez C and Hayes T. “Recruitment 101: Back to Basics.”
  2. Diez C and Nambudiri V. “Rethinking Resident Recruitment: A Novel Regional Recruitment Roadshow.”

International Society of Dermatopathology 20th Joint Meeting-March 2017 Orlando, FL

Kagha K. “Gender and Radical Trends Among Dermatopathology Fellows: A 10 Year Analysis.”

Publications 2016

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Presentations 2016

Cosmetic Surgery Forum - Nov 2016 Las Vegas, NV

Kagha K, Nambudiri VE: “Assessing Self-Reporting of Hazardous Cosmetics: A Descriptive Analysis of the California Safe Cosmetic Program Database.” * Recipient of the Cosmetic Surgery Forum resident grant

American College of Physicians Associate and Student Abstract Competition - Oct 2016 Charleston, SC

Herschel A, Eagerton D. "A Therapeutic Seesaw in Male Hypogonadism: Can Hematocrit and Testosterone Levels Achieve Lasting Balance?"