Our Pre-Operative Class Prepares Patients for Joint Replacement Surgery.

Why is Total Joint Replacement Necessary?

The goal is to relieve the pain in the joint caused by damage done to the cartilage. The pain may be so severe a person will avoid using the joint, thus weakening the muscles around the joint and making it even more difficult to move the joint. A physical examination, possibly including laboratory test and x-rays, will show the extent of damage to the joint. Total joint replacement will be considered if other treatment options will not relieve your pain and disability.

A growing number of people with reduced mobility or pain are being helped by total joint replacement surgery, where an injured or damage knee or hip joint is replaced with a durable artificial joint. These joints are extremely durable and many patients experience years of improved motion as a result of their surgery.

To make patients less anxious about their joint replacement surgery and to help them in their journey towards better mobility, the pre-operative class was created. The class is open to patients who are scheduled for joint replacement surgery through Grand Strand Medical Center. The class prepares patients for what to expect during their hospital stay, including topics of pain control, safety, comfort, the progression activity expected, as well as hints on how to make the best post-operative progress. In addition, post hospital care and suggestions on preparations before surgery are discussed.

The pre-operative classes are held every other Monday. For class registration, please contact Consult-A-Nurse at (843) 692-4444.